Connor Paradise

Lars Hinrichs, Dominik Kanbach, Benjamin Müller, Timon Überschär under the supervision of Remigiusz Smolinski Connor Paradise is a multi-party negotiation simulation between three relatively isolated tribes living on a fictitious Mediterranean island. Due to an unforeseen and highly destructive tsunami, their previously prosperous and tranquil lives have been up-ended causing widespread social demand for the […]

Energy Turnaround

Johannes Grothe, Alexander Ruhland, Manuel Schebel under the supervision of Remigiusz Smolinski Energy Turnaround is a negotiation role simulation for three parties representing three separate energy providers in Iceland. In response to a governmental call to promote a nationwide clean energy program they have been asked to meet and discuss various options for their participation. […]

El Dorado

Remigiusz Smolinski El Dorado is a three-party negotiation. After five years of exploration, three acquaintances have finally discovered the lost Muisca treasure of El Dorado in a remote cave in Columbia. Unfortunately, one the explorers has accidentally triggered a hidden destruction mechanism set by the tribe long ago to protect their treasure. Thus, they have […]

Schmalkaldic War

Remigiusz Smolinski The Schmalkaldic War is a three-party negotiation that is set within the tumultuous times following the start of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. Faced with a military insurrection in what will become known as the Schmalkaldic War, Charles V, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire has called a meeting with […]

King Polo

Remigiusz Smolinski King Polo is a two party non-scoreable, integrative negotiation simulation between a global confection manufacturer and an independent Icelandic importer and wholesaler.  After years of enjoying a quasi-monopolistic position in the distribution of Prince Polo, a chocolate covered wafer that has attained cult like popularity over the years, its sales have dropped. Moreover, […]

Plato’s Academy

Plato’s Academy is a multi-issue, non-scoreable negotiation simulation that is set in ancient Greece in the midst of an argument between Plato, the founder of the Academy, an ancient center of learning, and his top protégé and potential successor, Aristotle. They have found themselves in a passionate disagreement over what the future vision of the […]

The Battle of the Nations

The Battle of Nations is a two-party multi-issue negotiation roleplay simulation set during the 1813 German War of Liberation. Facing an imminent attack, Napoleon must reinforce the defenses of the city of Leipzig strongly enough to repel the enemy. He can only do so if his ally, Prince Jozef Poniatowski of the Duchy of Warsaw […]


Greekonia is a two party, multi-issue negotiation roleplay simulation between the government of Greekonia and financial representatives of the United Union, the supra-national political, economic and monetary union to which it is a member. Greekonia, after years of mismanagement is faced with imminent national debt default and now must make some tough choices. Unless it […]

Cocoa Negotiation

Cocoa Negotiation is a multi-issue, mixed-motive negotiation simulation between the founders of a German chocolate manufacturing company, Natura Chocolate GmbH and the CEO and of a cocoa beans supply company CBS (Cocoa Beans Supply) Limited. Looking to enter the European market for the first time to sell its high quality fair-trade derived cocoa beans, CBS […]

Oasis Shipping

Oasis Shipping is a multi-issue, integrative negotiation simulation set between a Greek shipping company, Oasis Shipping, searching for a creative way to finance its explosive growth and a Danish finance company, Sørensen Invest A/S.  Enjoying years of stellar management, Oasis Shipping needs five new ships to meet customer demand. Unfortunately, its current liquidity position limits […]