The Finalists 2015

After four qualification rounds of The Negotiation Challenge 2015 the following teams were invited to compete in the final for the title of The Great Negotiator (in alphabetical order):

College of Europe  (Warsaw, Poland)

  • Johannes Van den Bossche 
  • Michał Zbigniew Długosz
  • Maciej Szczepanski

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Leipzig, Germany)

  • Edward Yanchevski
  • Alexa Drasites
  • Bar Aloni

Reykjavik University (Reykjavik, Iceland)

  • Gunnar Bachmann
  • Þorvarður Kjerulf Sigurjónsson
  • María Elísabet Ástudóttir

Great job, Negotiators!  Congratulations! The final negotiation rounds took place in Munich on May 30. The final event as well as the trophies for the World Champions in Negotiation were kindly sponsored by:

Accenture Digital