Host and City 2014

Reykjavik University (RU), Iceland’s largest private university, is a dynamic international university with over 3000 students offering a first rate education in one of the most unique countries in the world. The University is committed to academic excellence and is renowned for it outstanding teaching and unique relations with Icelandic industries and public institutions.
Reykjavik University
The University comprises of four schools: the School of Business, School of Computer Science, School of Law, and the School of Science and Engineering. It presently offers 20 Masters programs taught entirely in English, several PhD programmes and a number of Undergraduate modules in English. The University is renowned for its programmes in the field of Sustainable Energy (Iceland School of Energy), which are offered in collaboration with industry experts in Iceland. The University also offers an AMBA accredited MBA programme and the Undergraduate studies in the school of business are accredited by EPAS. Reykjavik University welcomes international students seeking a creative academic working environment to join us in one of the most dynamic and unique countries in the world.
Reykjavik University Interior
Core activities and ties with Industry
The core activities of Reykjavik University are teaching and research with strong ties with industry and society, emphasising interdisciplinary work, international context, innovation and service excellence. The RU culture is crafted by personal relations and respect for society and the environment.
Reykjavik University emphasizes ties with the national and international industry, which is based on integrity and mutual respect for the benefits of the entire society.  The University takes a