The Negotiation Challenge 2009

The Negotiation Challenge 2009 took place on March 27-28, in Leipzig, Germany.  The competition was organized by the graduate students from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.


The students participating in The Negotiation Challenge 2009 represented the following institutions:

  • Harvard Law School
  • University of California, Hastings College of the Law
  • Georgetown University
  • National Law School of India University
  • Erasmus University
  • Warsaw School of Economics
  • ESCP Europe
  • Bucerius Law School
  • University of Hamburg (EMLE)
  • HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management

TNC 2009 - Participants


The final of The Negotiation Challenge 2009 took place between the students of Bucerius Law School and  HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.  The jury decided that the title of Great Negotiators 2009 and the trophy would stay in Leipzig and granted them to the team representing HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

TNC 2009 - Final
TNC 2009 - Winners

The winning team consisted of the following students:  Robert Kühn, Lennart Bösch, and Hector Reyes.


The competition was organized by a great team of HHL students including:  Anja Mittag, Fabian Schaaf-Mehta, Mathias Walko, Sona Zackova, Philipp Rädle, Tobias Zimmer, Dirk Plotzki, Harald Rothe, Moritz Garlichs, Ryan Marquez.

TNC 2009 - Organization Team

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