Motivated by positive feedback and strong interests of the negotiation faculty preparing for and coaching their teams during The Negotiation Challenge in strengthening their professional interactions, Dr. Kesting and Dr. Smolinski founded INTRA – International Negotiation Teaching and Research Association – an open network of negotiation scholars and practitioners established to foster their passion for negotiation and negotiation related topics.


The main reason behind the creation of the INTRA network is that negotiation research and teaching is still scattered over various institutions and very limited opportunities to exchange experience and interact with each other. Our aim is to create an open exchange platform for international negotiation research and teaching.

We have chosen the name INTRA to indicate:

  • Its international character. We are starting out this initiative from Europe, but explicitly also welcome scholars from outside Europe.
  • The focus on negotiation, conflict studies and related topics.
  • The focus on academic scholars. However, the activities will go beyond mere research and particularly encompass education.
  • Our informal approach. For the time being we aim at forming an interest based network and no legal entity. The network might, however, evolve over time towards a more formal organization.


We invite all passionate negotiation scholars and practitioners to become a part of the INTRA network and share their knowledge and interest in negotiation research and teaching with their like-minded colleagues from around the world.

Over the years, INTRA hast initiated countless collaborations among its members and constantly encourages them to share teaching material, information and calls which are of interest for the community.

To become an INTRA member, please send an e-mail to Peter Kesting with the following information:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Research and interest areas

INTRA is open for all academics and practitioners, who share our same passion for theory and practice of negotiation. The membership in INTRA is completely free.

Annual INTRA Meeting

Every year, typically on Thursdays directly before the The Negotiation Challenge finals, we organize an annual meeting of our INTRA network.

The purpose of our meeting is to build/strengthen personal relationship between like-minded colleaguespresent our latest research results and ideasexchange experience on negotiation pedagogy, discuss joint research projects, etc.

The INTRA meeting usually takes place in the hybrid format with the participants joining at the hosting venue and online. Should a physical meeting not be possible due to Corona related travel restrictions, we conduct the entire meeting online.

Proposals are invited for presentations, workshops, and panel sessions:

  • Presentations – 20 minutes of presentation time followed up 10 minutes of Q&A.  
  • Workshops – designed for one-hour sessions and may devoted to pedagogical development, demonstration of negotiation concepts, and/or other purposes.
  • Panel sessions – designed for 30 minute or one-hour sessions. 

INTRA meetings are open to all participants, who share passion for theory and practice of negotiation, also to non-INTRA members. To participate in or contribute to the annual meeting, please reach out to Peter Kesting at

All participants of the annual INTRA meeting are kindly invited to stay for The Negotiation Challenge and help us judge the competition.

INTRA Members

Peter Kesting
Aarhus University

Sabine T. Köszegi
Vienna University of Technology

Michael Filzmoser
Vienna University of Technology

Dragos-Cristian Vasilescu
Vienna University of Technology

Amrita Narlikar
University of Hamburg

Larry Crump
Griffith University

Noam Ebner
Creighton University

Nora Madjar
University of Connecticut

Suzanne de Janasz
George Mason University

Aldis G. Sigurdardottir
Reykjavik University

Aðalsteinn Leifsson
Reykjavik University

(Jacobus Philippus) Kos Vos
EADA Business School Barcelona

Mathis Schulte
HEC Paris

Zev Jacob Eigen
Nothwestern University Law School

Rajesh Kumar
Global Strategic Advisory

Michael Friedman
Bucerius Law School

Rene Pfromm
University of Bonn

Seraphim Voliotis
Sapientia et Veritas

Ilias Kapoutsis
Athens University of Economics and Business

Christos A. Tsagklis
Athens University of Economics and Business

Kristen Bell DeTienne
Brigham Young University

John Kleefeld
University of New Brunswick

Cecilia Albin
Gothenburg University

Tatsuzo Higashikawa
Ritsumeikan University

Lynn L. K. Lim
University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Mark Young
Rational Games

Anis Bennani

David Zou
LCL Business Training & Consulting

Alexandra McAdam Clark
McAdam Mediation

Pierre Debaty
Council of Ministers of the EU

Emily M. Hunter
Baylor University

Martin Hoshi Larsson
Linköping University

Momotaro Takamori
Kwansei Gakuin University

Craig Ervine
St. Lawrence College

Jan Kubíček
Charles University

Andreas Winheller
Verhandlungsperformance Consulting

Ida Manton
PACE Global Strategies

Krista Miller
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Consultant

Mikkel Gudsøe
University of Southern Denmark

Amanda Binnendijk
Aviva Veranderkracht

Remi Smolinski
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Paul Meerts
Clingendael Institute

Barney Jordaan
Vlerick Business School

Rudolf Vetschera
University of Vienna

Michele Griessmair
University of Vienna

Clemens Hutzinger
Seeburg Castle University

Tim Cullen
University of Oxford

Margarita Canal
Los Andes University

Will Baber
Kyoto University

Gro Alteren
The Arctic University of Norway

Anne Eriksen
The Arctic University of Norway

Robert Rzadca
Kozminski University

Rudolf Schüßler
University of Bayreuth

Valérie Rosoux
UC Louvain

Véronique Fraser
University of Sherbrooke

Andrew Ssemwanga
St. Lawrence University

Adenuga Fabian Adekoya
Michael Otedola College of Primary Education

Czeslaw Mesjasz
Cracow University of Economics

Anna Ilsøe
University of Copenhagen

Anne Marie Bülow
Copenhagen Business School

Verner D. Worm
Copenhagen Business School

Shun-itsu Nakasako
Chuo University

Eric Gleysteen 
American University Washington College of Law

Stephan Proksch

Daniela Russowsky Raad
Raad & Alt Advogados Associado

Derek Pead
Derek Pead & Associates

Siham Boda
Derek Pead & Associates

Jamey Darnell
University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee

David Charles van der Griend
University of Twente

Henrike Fitschen
University of Twente

Luis Francisco Gomez Lopez
Universidad Militar Nueva Granada

Tariel Sikharulidze 
Ilia State University

John Lunney
Law Society of Ireland

Doreen Keck
Lean In Network

Anuj Jagannathan
Propelurs Consulting

Tina Saksida
University of Prince Edward Island

Oksana Koval
West Ukrainian National University

Angel Niño
Rafael Urdaneta University

Michal Putyra
Putyra Legal

Mark Habeeb
Georgetown University