Greekonia is a two party, multi-issue negotiation roleplay simulation between the government of Greekonia and financial representatives of the United Union, the supra-national political, economic and monetary union to which it is a member. Greekonia, after years of mismanagement is faced with imminent national debt default and now must make some tough choices. Unless it takes significant austerity measures, it will default on its sovereign debt and its creditors will cease to provide it continuing liquidity. This will plunge the country into economic chaos. However, these very austerity measures may set off a social revolution and topple the government. On the other side, because Greekonia uses the Uro, the United Union’s common currency, the Union is also faced with a dilemma. Because their banking systems are so tightly interwoven, a potential bankruptcy of Greekonia could not only end the Uro but could also cause a global economic crisis. Therefore, if it cannot convince Greekonia to take the appropriate and sustainable measures that will ensure sustainable economic stability, Greekonia will be forced to leave the United Union.

Alexander Pflaum and Andre Vörtler under the supervision of Remigiusz Smolinski