Cocoa Negotiation

Cocoa Negotiation is a multi-issue, mixed-motive negotiation simulation between the founders of a German chocolate manufacturing company, Natura Chocolate GmbH and the CEO and of a cocoa beans supply company CBS (Cocoa Beans Supply) Limited. Looking to enter the European market for the first time to sell its high quality fair-trade derived cocoa beans, CBS […]

Oasis Shipping

Oasis Shipping is a multi-issue, integrative negotiation simulation set between a Greek shipping company, Oasis Shipping, searching for a creative way to finance its explosive growth and a Danish finance company, Sørensen Invest A/S.  Enjoying years of stellar management, Oasis Shipping needs five new ships to meet customer demand. Unfortunately, its current liquidity position limits […]

The Vikings

The Vikings is two party multi-issue, mixed-motive negotiation simulation.  It takes place between the leaders of two early Icelandic Viking clans over the distribution of the treasure recently obtained from a raid abroad. However, with mistrust high between the two clans agreeing on a fair distribution of seven different categories of treasure will be no […]