Benedict Basso

Benedict Basso is a two-party distributive negotiation simulation concerning the conditions of an employment contract.  It includes Benedict Basso, a rising opera star during the late 18th century in the Leipzig Opera, one of the oldest opera venues in Europe.  In addition to coming from a strong musical family and having a unique and talented voice, he has worked very hard to pursue his dream of becoming an opera performer.  He is very proud of this.  Now he finds himself with a key opportunity to sing the title role in a popular opera that could significantly help his career.  That is, if he can successfully conclude the contract details with the opera’s production company and its famous impresario director, Pasquale Bondini.  Unfortunately, this may not be so easy. Pasquale Bondini, an experienced opera singer himself, is also a talented, highly experienced and politically well-connected director. He knows what it takes to put on a successful and profitable production and therefore must consider multiple issues to make this production successful.  He will push hard for an equitable deal with Benedict.

Remigiusz Smolinski